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Grab a seat at the bar and step into the vast world that is Gin. The Gin Room is housed in the front room of Café Natasha’s, a Persian inspired restaurant and staple of the St. Louis community for the last three decades.

The concept developed out of the namesake’s passion for the spirit, working to create a platform to introduce the wonders of gin to every audience who would listen. The Gin Girl, Natasha Bahrami and team, happily provide guided tours through the spectrum of Gin from the comfort of your barstool, each and every time you wander in. Whether you are a gin aficionado or baby stepping into the word of gin, we are here to help you explore. Boasting over 100 gins between our commercial and private collection, the Gin Room is a haven to enjoy and broaden your palate for the magnificent spirit of Gin.

Make us your favorite watering hole; a watering hole for Gin Lovers

The Gin Girl


Meet Natasha Bahrami

The self-proclaimed Gin Ambassador fell in love with gin after an eye-opening (and mouth pleasing) bout with a dirty martini. Ask her about Gin and be prepared to hear a story. Express your aversion to Gin and she will dedicate time to convert you. Sit at her bar and you’ll be served an experience.

The Gin Girl

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