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The Genius of Cane – Genius Naval Strength Gin

Genius Gin - Austin Texas

If you know the Gin Girl, you already know I have an infatuation with overproof gins. Perhaps its something about the larger concentration of botanicals apparent in the higher proof, or maybe its just the grandiose title that Naval Strength signifies when it rolls of the tongue. Regardless, I love it and distillers are picking up on the movement.

Genius Gin was brought to my attention by a Texas expat and Gin lover, finding solace in The Gin Room and singing the praises of this Austin based navy gin.

When it arrived at my doorstep I noticed the intricate decor of the bottle and the three words “Distilled from cane”. I was more than intrigued. I am excited to see that gin distillers are becoming more creative with their choice of base spirit from malty grain based spirits to grape distillation. So I nerded out and found that Texas was one of the 10 largest processors of raw sugar cane in United States. I spoke directly with the distiller and found that their goal was to distill a truly unique neutral spirit, one that was not reminiscent of the GNS that can be readily bought. By making their own choices for yeast, water and sugar, they could tweak the recipe to get their optimal base spirit, one that would serve as a silky base for their specific botanical blend.

Genius Gin Naval – Austin Texas

Genius Gin Naval – Austin Texas

This gin is definitely unique. The first distinction that caught me was the nose, reminiscent of banana laffy taffy. Yes I said it. Banana laffy taffy from your childhood corner store, getting stuck in your teeth yet you craved it over and over every summer. Notes of pine forest on a cold day and warm coriander round out the aroma. My detection of the cane sugar base is the grainy botanical blend you get in the palate. Coriander, cardamon and a savory lavender on a bolder playground with notes of candied lime and orange to soften the ends in a somewhat Old Tom way.

Nose: Ripened fruit, banana laffy taffy, crisp pine

Palate: The 114 proof is evident in this hot naval gin. Grainy notes of coriander, lavender and cardamom with the citrus lime notes lingering. I let the gin breathe for 10 mins and the palate transformed in to warm spices of freshly baked bread glazed with orange marmalade.

Try this bold gin with light spicy food and you’re in for a treat. I tried mine with our spicy falafel and boy did it pop! To get its full profile I would recommend serving Genius Naval Strength on a large rock or in a Dolin Dry Martini with a lime twist. Bartenders, this gin is perfect for cutting even the most syrupy cocktails into craft masterpieces.

Category: Naval Strength

Origin: Austin Texas

Proof: 114

Genius Vesper

1.5 oz Genius Naval Strength Gin

1 oz Purus Vodka

.5 oz Lillet Blanc

Garnish: Ripe Lemon Twist

Combine all ingredients in a pint glass filled with ice and stir. Twist and zest a frosted martini glass with the ripe lemon peel and drop in glass. Stir and strain spirit into the lemon spritzed martini glass.

The Mighty Mighty North Shore

Mighty North ShoreNorth Shore Mighty Gin Over Proof Consistently Over Delivers

With a name like North Shore you would think these gems hale from a sunny beach in California or at least some where with coast. Instead owners Derek and Sonja embarked on their endeavors into the world of Spirits in a city aptly named “Lake Bluff” Illinois and fortunately for us logged in the Midwest, its just a skip and a hop from our own St. Louis roots. (I feel a road trip is in my near future.)

Though their product line is vast for a small Artisan distiller, there are a few key products in their line that fully deserve standout recognition. The Gin Room is especially fond of North Shore Aquavit, Sirene Absinthe and North Shore Mighty Gin.

all-north-shoreGin Room proudly houses North Shore Aquavit, Sol Vodka, Sirene Absinthe, No 11. Gin, No. 6 Gin and the Gin Girl Fav Mighty Gin

When guests ask me about my favorite gin, I immediately tilt my head, eyebrows raised and give them a questioning stare as if to say “you really think its possible to narrow with such an amazing array spirits on the market?” Good-Luck Every Body Else.

North Shore Mighty Gin is one of those gins that I talk up often, but never fear the over sell. This product over delivers every time and appears to wow even my most avid gin drinkers.

Opening the bottle you will get a far different impression of the gin from the nose than on the palate. Crisp citrus on the nose, the palate delivers a smooth zing of cardamom cloves lavender and dry lemon zest with a slight sweetness that softens the spiced body. The gin is a bit thicker, giving a semblance of legs that you might find when sipping your favorite wine. The gin clings to your tongue and spreads a warmth that makes North Shore Mighty Gin one of the select few gins that can be thoroughly enjoyed as a sipping gin or if you like your spirit chilled, placed on one large rock with a twist of lemon peel.

Meet Ethel the Pot Still


Ethel is a beautiful German engineered Pot Still, who despite her small size (can distill 250 liters or 60 gallons) churns out some distinctly praise worthy spirits. Who says great things can’t come from small packages?

Category: Naval Strength

Tasting Notes: Citrus nose, exceptionally smooth, warm cardamom clove spice and lavender notes on the palate

Proof: 110

Rating: Gin Girl’s Top 15

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