North Shore Mighty Gin

The Mighty Mighty North Shore

Mighty North ShoreNorth Shore Mighty Gin Over Proof Consistently Over Delivers

With a name like North Shore you would think these gems hale from a sunny beach in California or at least some where with coast. Instead owners Derek and Sonja embarked on their endeavors into the world of Spirits in a city aptly named “Lake Bluff” Illinois and fortunately for us logged in the Midwest, its just a skip and a hop from our own St. Louis roots. (I feel a road trip is in my near future.)

Though their product line is vast for a small Artisan distiller, there are a few key products in their line that fully deserve standout recognition. The Gin Room is especially fond of North Shore Aquavit, Sirene Absinthe and North Shore Mighty Gin.

all-north-shoreGin Room proudly houses North Shore Aquavit, Sol Vodka, Sirene Absinthe, No 11. Gin, No. 6 Gin and the Gin Girl Fav Mighty Gin

When guests ask me about my favorite gin, I immediately tilt my head, eyebrows raised and give them a questioning stare as if to say “you really think its possible to narrow with such an amazing array spirits on the market?” Good-Luck Every Body Else.

North Shore Mighty Gin is one of those gins that I talk up often, but never fear the over sell. This product over delivers every time and appears to wow even my most avid gin drinkers.

Opening the bottle you will get a far different impression of the gin from the nose than on the palate. Crisp citrus on the nose, the palate delivers a smooth zing of cardamom cloves lavender and dry lemon zest with a slight sweetness that softens the spiced body. The gin is a bit thicker, giving a semblance of legs that you might find when sipping your favorite wine. The gin clings to your tongue and spreads a warmth that makes North Shore Mighty Gin one of the select few gins that can be thoroughly enjoyed as a sipping gin or if you like your spirit chilled, placed on one large rock with a twist of lemon peel.

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Category: Naval Strength

Tasting Notes: Citrus nose, exceptionally smooth, warm cardamom clove spice and lavender notes on the palate

Proof: 110

Rating: Gin Girl’s Top 15

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